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The Centre for Instructional Technology and Multimedia, which we affectionately call “PTPM” (Pusat Teknologi Pengajaran dan Multimedia). Established in 1974, PTPM is one of the oldest centres of excellence at Universiti Sains Malaysia. 

The essence of PTPM is nurturing students and preparing them to succeed in the field of instructional technology and multimedia. PTPM strives to develop holistic individuals through academic excellence and professionalism in research as well as providing students with the skills necessary to use technology as tools for teaching and learning creatively and effectively. PTPM also endeavours to lead and embark on innovation excellence that works towards a sustainable future for various institutions, organizations, and communities at the national and international levels. 

PTPM offers one PhD program in all fields related to instructional technology and multimedia, and two Masters programs, namely Master of Instructional Multimedia and Master of Art. Due to continuous excellence in teaching, learning, research, and innovation in these programs, PTPM has become a home to many talented students and researchers from around the world such as Indonesia, Thailand, Yemen, Philippines, Nigeria, Ghana, China, Arab Saudi, etc. 

The students will embark on a journey of discovery in the field of instructional multimedia. The input from the courses provides stimulation for their thinking and creative processes and guides students to think about the phenomena around them in new and different ways. With the emergence of new waves of technology hailed as the Industrial Revolution 4.0 (Industry 4.0) and the era of the Digital Economy, the world of ICT and instructional multimedia will indirectly face constant evolution and our academic program is one of the many platforms available for students to redefine and shape it. 

Besides that, PTPM is also known as a service centre because we also provide in terms of advising and giving appropriate information on the design & development of media, audio-visual, and multimedia systems and providing the technical specifications for the procurement of this equipment to serve the community project or University programs

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